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TRIGG WATSON : magician for the future

“His magic filled our whole group with wonder about the past, present, and future. We came together as an energized team!”


“Wow wow wow wow… I mean you just kept it coming! It was amazing. Well done!”

impossibility and possibility

Trigg Watson epitomizes contemporary enchantment with a lavish touch. Opting for his iPad over cards and forging a bond with cutting-edge technology, his modern magic has mesmerized global elites from London’s grandeur to Las Vegas’ opulence, even gracing luxury cruise ships. His accolades include appearances on esteemed shows like “Don’t Blink” on Pop TV, triumphs on “Fool Us” and “Masters of Illusion” on the CW, and a captivating stint on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” Trigg’s illustrious journey boasts awards like highest-scoring American magician at Las Vegas’ World Magic Seminar and two-time winner of the Texas Magicians Contest. He’s a creative genius behind Netflix’s sensation “Magic for Humans.” Based in Los Angeles, Trigg graduated with dual degrees in business management and theater studies, drawing from his corporate experience at Deloitte Consulting to infuse his magic with transformative power, captivating audiences worldwide.


“So fun! So exciting! So original!”

Close Up

Trigg Watson’s close-up magic service immerses audiences in an intimate world of wonder, where sleight of hand and mind-bending illusions unfold right before your eyes, making each moment an enchanting experience that defies belief.


On the grand stage, Trigg Watson’s captivating performances transport audiences to a realm of grandeur and spectacle, where state-of-the-art technology meets classic mystique, creating an unforgettable theatrical journey filled with breathtaking illusions and mesmerizing storytelling.


Through the captivating lens of remote and hybrid experiences on platforms like Zoom, Trigg Watson bridges the digital divide, bringing his world-class magic directly to your screen. Prepare to be enchanted as he delivers mind-boggling tricks and interactive entertainment that transcends geographical boundaries, leaving virtual audiences spellbound.

“Thank you again for the awesome show! The team loved it!!!”

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